Adrian Hartley




University of Aberdeen

School of Geosciences

Meston Building

Old Aberdeen

AB24 3UE

+44 (0)1224 273712



Adrian Hartley has over 25 years experience, >120 peer-reviewed papers, expert in clastic sedimentology (continental, shallow marine and deep water environments) with a wide range of expertise ranging from basin-scale reconstruction of sedimentary systems to subsurface reservoir characterisation.  Extensive interaction with hydrocarbon industry as illustrated by PI or Co-PI on 12 industry supported JIP’s over full career, with a combined value in last 5 years of >£2.5M.  Current JIP’s total >£1M and involve 12 different oil companies.  24 successful PHD students (20 funded by industry).  Expertise of relevance to the project includes the development of Jurassic rift basin models based on Hebridean basins funded by the hydrocarbon industry as analogues for syn-rift tidal deltaic successions in producing North Sea fields.  This work has led to over 20 years’ experience in Hebridean Mesozoic successions including numerous industry fieldtrips (PESGB & AAPG).  Recent work in the Hebrides has focussed on the interaction between fluvial systems and flood basalts on Skye, Rum, Canna and Mull as well as the Columbia River Basalt Province in NW USA as part of StratLip with the aim of developing predictive models for clastic fluvial systems in volcanic terrains.  Invited keynote as international sedimentology conferences.  Best paper award, Journal of Sedimentary Research 2010. H-index 29.